I have great exposure to techniques pertinent to managing muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and other lifestyle elements. My extensive knowledge of fitness, nutrition and wellness guides me in formulating client-centered food plans and in developing exciting and effective personalized exercise programs at any age. My specialty is that I don't specialize! Meeting you and assisting you is an honor… and a great occasion for me to inspire and actualize your lifestyle goals. I look forward to being a part of your health team!

•  Designing and implementing personalized fitness programs for all

    ages and skill levels

​•  Identifying skeletal and muscle weaknesses and providing the

   right techniques to prevent injury while improving strength

•  Providing ongoing support and encouragement,

   keeping programs fresh, exciting and most importantly, effective

​• Incorporating all the components of a comprehensive

   wellness program including nutrition and stress 

​   management

There is no better feeling than the joy I feel when helping my clients to attain a healthy body, mind and spirit.  I am a seasoned Physical Trainer with thirty years of experience and I would like to be a part of your health success team.   My professional track record encompasses the aptitude to incorporate a holistic approach to your physical fitness, your health, and overall well-being by: