Client Testimonials 

“Geri's in-depth knowledge of nutrition and her constant support helped me get past some medical and weight issues. In the span of eight months, my total cholesterol went from 255 to 215 to 189.  My weight has gone from 150 to 132.  Most importantly, my doctor is happy that I was able to achieve these results through diet alone and without any medications.”                                                                                       --Ellen Gordon

 “When I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I knew it was time to make some changes and FAST.  In talking with Geri, she explained EVERYTHING in detail. She explained how insulin works and how together, we were going to fix this.  Geri is GREAT! She’ll even give some “tough love” to help you change your thinking and to help motivate you.  Geri explains things in such wonderful detail that one gets a full understanding of how things work in your body.  She has been fantastic in helping me deal with any type of situation.  She even gives me wonderful recipes to try when I get bored.   I couldn’t do this without her help.”                                                     --David Hoenig

“Thanks for your very sound advice last week.  I started to follow the guidelines you gave me and I really found them to be easy to follow. Many of your suggestions were helpful and not something I would have thought of on my own. Thanks again for your help and advice.”                    --Nicholas Chivily, Esq.

 "Geri brings great energy to her sessions. I'm motivated and inspired by her dedication to me and what I can do. Her nutrition and fitness coaching is practical, easy to follow, and provides a solid foundation for my everyday lifestyle."  
                                                                                   --Mar Jennings, TV Host, Author, Lifestyle Expert
"... I have tried many different diets and enrolled in many different programs. But after my first meeting with Geri, I realized that by simply adjusting my eating behavior, I will be able to enjoy a variety of food that I like and still lose the excess pounds. Now that I have Geri on my side, I am more comfortable and educated when dealing with my (decreasing) excess pounds..."        -- Sal Mutone, VP Wells Fargo Business Credit
"You helped me so much by figuring out an issue that has been such a burden in my life. I have been so frustrated for so long that it was refreshing to meet you. I really appreciate your sincere dedication to my many "diseases". Thanks for all your help."          -- Jackie DeNicola (Age 22, New Haven)

Speaking  Testimonials
“Geri Zatcoff was one of the best speakers we have had at “First Thursdays”. She was informative, interesting and humorous.  The audience realized she was an expert in the field of nutrition and had many questions. There was a lot of information and not enough time.  The topics she chose were relevant to all the women in the audience. 
                                                                                                                               -- Robin Scarella, Connections Public Relations

 "Your presentation had enough scientific 'meat' and a lot of great research. Your knowledge of and passion for nutrition was educational as well as inspiring."                    -- Tom Margius, Milford Rotary

 “Thank you again so much for speaking at the Westport Rotary Club luncheon yesterday.  People loved the talk, and I got a lot of really good feedback, which is always gratifying for the program chair.  Besides being riveted, people told me they learned a lot and went home with some really good information.  You’re a dynamite speaker – thanks again.”  
                                                                          -- Jessica Bram, Author of Happily Ever After  Divorce: Notes of a Joyful Journey  

 “Speaking to a diverse group of 40 women, Geri was able to consolidate her vast knowledge into five key elements. Her message is clear and easy to adopt. All of our members were able to take something away that could improve their nutrition and vitality.”                                            -- Jen Ward, Wilton Woman’s Club

 “Dear Geri, Many thanks for your participation in our first Women’s Round Table Discussion and luncheon! Your contribution and expertise along with suggestions were a big reason why it was so successful!”
                                                                        --Lisa Parelli Gray, Executive Director, Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce

 “Working with you has been a great pleasure and our residents have learned a lot from your programs.  Thank you for all that you have brought to Davenport/Dunbar.”
                                                                            --Jessica LaPorta, Resident Services Coordinator, Davenport Dunbar Residence